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Middle School Writers' Den summer 2018

For writers age 9 to 14, a time and place to meet other
writers, to write and discuss writing and publishing, and to
participate in mini-workshops to nurture inspiration. Follow
your interests and be introduced to new ones.

Monday Evening Programs  / open to all...free / drop In
Healey School
, 5 Meacham Street, Somerville, MA:
most evenings run from 6:00 - 8:00 pm except as noted.
Please check back here prior to the meeting.

Monday, September 10, 2018
6:20-8:00 pm
Monday, September 1
7, 2018

and continuing every Monday evening except school
holidays and snow days

questions: kid@12zine.com
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August 2017
We made it! Just under the wire! As national poetry month, April, 2018, comes to a close, with BOOMING PYROTECHNICS
we open our ongoing spring and summer 2018 poetry and writing festival. WELCOME TO THE JUBILEE.

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