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Middle School Writers' Den 2019

For writers age 9 to 14, a time and place to meet other
writers, to write and discuss writing and publishing, and to
participate in mini-workshops to nurture inspiration. Follow
your interests and be introduced to new ones.

Monday Evening Programs  / open to all...free /
Healey School, 5 Meacham Street, Somerville, MA:
6:15 - 8:00 pm.

every Monday evening except school holidays and snow days

questions or to confirm a meeting: kid@12zine.com
Printable puzzles:
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Good reading!
August 2017
Results of Poetry Wall 2018 readers’ poll!

Honorable mentions go to “Sisters” by McKenzie Shea Pate, “Cats” by Cameron Sacco,
“Haiku” by Elle Gys, “History” by Calla Taylor, “Darkness,” by Eric Sousa, “Hands,” by Alice Hunter,
“Books and Covers,” by Iqra Mohamed, “The Last Soldier,” by Delila, “Hello World, “ by Endjou Felix,
“Reading,” by Anya Miller, and “The Story of the World” and “Before the Trees Walked,” by Robert

Awards: Best Poet, Best Poem, both awarded to Dominic Helder Resendes. Best poem, 2nd place,
awarded to  "A Poem" by
Calla Taylor. Best Poem, 3rd place, awarded to "Irish Girl" by  Layla Gillick.