iqra mohamed

The snow drifts silently to the ground.
My breath puffs out smoke in the air
like tiny clouds miniature snowflakes
kiss my lashes as I brush them away with
my soft mitten
My feet breaks through the frozen
ground leaving footprints as I go
crunching like popcorn bean th my feet
I drag my sled behind me as the sun
starts setting  in the sky the doors open
quietly as I am greeted with a hug and
hot chocolate                                       
Books and covers
     -Iqra Mohamed

Some say she can not run like him some say she is not as
strong as him and cannot run as fast

 A younger worker took that job a boy was pitched for the

When people think there way is right they miss what’s in

Each person like there own piece to the world we are living in

It shouldn’t matter if your a boy or girl
Or the color of your skin you were all created equally
               -Iqra Mohamed

   -iqra mohamed
Life is where it is nice and cozy life is where laughter and
friends are needed life is like an heaven with many angels in it
birds fly high humans stay low
That’s life

Life is like a new piece of paper where new battles come and go
Flipping pages in a book is just like shooting stars coming by
each night
That’s life

Life is  happiness where your feet dance and your mind is
blown away by the rhythm   
That’s life

Life is a story we are writing and it passes by no matter what we
Life is a promise, fulfill it
Life is a game, play it
Life is a challenge, meet it
Life is a dream realize it.
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