Welcome to Kid!'s first ever poetry contest
April-May 2013
April is National Poetry Month
May is poetry voting month!
voting is now closed. Results coming soon. New contest coming
in the fall
   There are 13 pages to visit in all. Start at the first page listed and make your way page by
                            page by clicking the link on each page (usually at the bottom).

The pages in order:

1.  Intro: Spring is Poetry Season (start here)
2.  Ms. Scrima's Kindergarten Poets
3.  First grade p. 1
4.  First grade p. 2
5.  2nd grade diamante poems
6.  Some winter poems
7.  Mixed grades 1
8.  Mixed grades 2
9.  Mixed grades 3
10. poems for Boston
11. One last mix
12. Back to rules page for review
The Ballot
IMPORTANT! keep a pen or
pencil and paper handy
while you read the poems
and note which ones you
like best!