Science funtions calculator

it also adds, subtracts, multiplies
and divides               
1200 points
it may not be as easy as rolling a
wooden ball down a skee ball
alley, but our arcade is FREE and
can earn you the best rewards!

Write school and community news stories
and feature articles that are publishable in
your school newspaper.

Submit them by sending them (in text or
WORD file) to

School newspaper stories may be subject
to approval of school administration for
appropriateness of content and language.

Once published, each word earns you a
"I write poetry and
fiction, can I participate?

We'd love to see your poetry and
fiction and consider it for pubilcation,.
However, different rules and editorial
processes apply. Instead of points per
word, PUBLICATION is the prize. But
contests and readers' choice awards
may put points in your pocket!

If you write poetry or fiction, we'd like to
encourage you to do 2 things (or at
least one of them).

1. Lets us read some of your work--
send it to the same email address,

2. Please write community and school
news and send it in. When published,
you will then earn points on it, and we
GUARANTEE it will make you a better
writer of poetry and fiction!
Vintage Collection
Lionel caboose -- O gauge.
add it to your operating train set or display it, collect it,
create an art project, find new ways to enjoy this classic
            1200 points         
SPECIALS: If you need or want a  
school supply of your own choice and
wish to work for that, let us know what
it is. If it is available to us we will let you
know how many points you'll need--
don't be shy!
Desk-size calculator
Performs standard functions for school
or home. Not a mini-- measures about  
7" x 5"!

850 points
Duncan Yo-Yo
Classic Duncan
Imperial Yo-Yo. "If it
isn't a Duncan, it
isn't a yo-yo."
This is the one that
sold for a dollar at
the height of the
yo-yo craze, early
 500 points