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The Meadow
Alena Thalput

The green grass swayed and wind
Rushed the leaves as they scattered
All over the meadow.
I looked across the grand meadow
Red and blue specks speckled the forever grass
All the berries were as tasty as fresh fudge.
Running, dancing, spinning
The long grass scratched my skin
I laughed as Brewer my dog tackled me.
This was the first time I had been happy.
The sun shined and it rippled
The meadow was our paradise.

Torin MacDonald

My favorite piece is the knight.
Use it first I might!
The most powerful piece is the queen.
If I met her, I wouldn't be mean.
The bishop moves on diagonal.
The castle moves on vertical and horizontal.
The king is the most important piece.
You shouldn't get rid of it, even for lease!
Torin MacDonald

A is for Alphabet.
B is for Bull.
C is for Caiman with a crack in its skull.
D is for Dinosaur.
E is for Evil.
F is for Flag from the times Medieval.
G is for Giraffe.
H is for Hard.
I is for Iguana signing a card.
J is for Jumping Jacks.
K is for Kangaroo.
L is for Lemons & Lemonade, too.
M is for Monkey.
N is for Newts.
O is for Octopus trying on boots.
P is for Ping-Pong.
Q is for Quail.
R is for Rabbit on a train rail.
S is for Spider.
T is for Tire.
U is for Underwear down in the dryer.
V is for Violin
W is for Wheat.
X is for Xigua, a food you eat.
Y is for you.
Last but not least, Z is for Zebra and
Hickory Dickory Dock
Torin MacDonald

My cat just ate a hawk.
Then ate a raven
that it was craven'.
Hickory Dickory Dock.
Row, row, row your boat
Torin MacDonald

Row, row, row your boat,
gently down the stream.
And when a piranha
jumps out of the water,
you begin to scream.
Tinotendo Duche

The sun is shining,  The fun is starting.
The sky is clear summer is near.
Finally we were on the beach
Swimming in that cool water.
I don't miss school.
Fuzzy Wuzzy
Henry Powers Lowery

Fuzzy Wuzzy didn't share
Fuzzy Wuzzy didn't care and one day Fuzzy Wuzzy had to share
and Fuzzy Wuzzy didn't dare.
A Diamante Poem
Yanellis Borgos Abreu

Cute, Fast
Sleeping, Eating, Playing
Needs a lot of attention
Jumping, Sitting, Drinking
Lazy, Sleepy
by Juliana Silva

My cat sat on my lap
My lap was on my body
My body went to bed
My bed was underneath the cat
And the cat sat on my lap
The Silly Dog
by Leeann McGrath

There was a silly dog a really silly dog
that was walking on two feet
and the other two was swaying back and forth
the wind was saying shhhhhhhh.
The dog heard a band playing
it was saying bom bom crash crash
It was night time and the silly dog fell asleep.
The Hawk
by Jack Wolf

Hawks are little
flying animals
they like doing
flips and stalls
up the hall
down the wall
they never fall
Mohammed Miahjee

Ride my bike
I like playing tag in
The Dancing Man
Alena Thalput

He tops the chimneys one by one as
He dances across the roof tops.
He pats his feet and claps his hands.

His top hat flaps off
As the crowds go wild
As the dancing man
Cheers and smiles.

He throws up a wooden ring
As fire sings
“The Dancing Man!”
“The Dancing man!”

A roaring tiger
Jumps out of the fire
And all the people go wild
Here and there
All around
They fled from sight
Of the Dancing Man.

He yells and shouts
To come back
As the tiger melts around him.

The Dancing man sighs
And drops
His hat
At the sound of a siren
And that is that.
Alena Thalput

It jumps into the shadows like cats      
And prowl the midnight allies.

Like a forest of thorns, grey pinches
you in agony.

The lonely feelings of the
empty darkness.

When the fog clouds your

Grey is the old
cobblestones on a
road or a castle.

Evening and dawn of
are the time

You may grip
on to a grey
that fills your
heart to the
very end.

That could
be more then
just the end
of this poem
but, it could be
the end of
your life!
The Sea
Izabelle Armstrong

The sea is a place where mermaids are dreams,
And when the surface make fish feel they’re on a trampoline.
When all of the colors go flowing around,
And there not really sad when no one’s around

The sea helps things inside make their wishes come true,
Wishes from me, and wishes from you.
Ariyeh Weissman-Bennett      

I like the Red sox
They are good
Their stadium's in Boston
They’ve won against the Yankees
In the playoffs
In game 7
I like the Red sox.
Zackary Weissman-Bennett     

Wally Wally big and fat
He is funny and I know that,
Stands on top of the Red Sox
Dugout plays with kids
Who have a blast!
Tyler Whitney-Sidney

Spring is so fun and nice
It’s warm without snow and ice.
I like the flowers that grow
Because they’re all colorful and there for show.
People are full of spirit and cheer
Now spring is finally here.
Mountain Climbing
Imane Bouzit

Life for me has never been a flat prairie,
It’s had mountains and valleys within it,
And treacherous journeys galore,
Of which a journey with a plain,
That rises into a hill,
Followed by a trip on a stick,
A bump on the head,
Then transformation occurs,
A mountain’s base lies at my feet,
Higher and higher I climb,
Until I’ve no more strength.

Soon I see a mountain peak,
And it’s my turn to transform,
Into a captain bursting with pride and joy,
When he finds land after ages at sea,
And after many a fall,
I’ve regained my balance once more,
As I trudge to the peak and down the other
mountain side,
To find what I’ve been aiming for.

A narrow valley lush and lively,
Waves its tall grasses at me,
As if to give its welcome,
But alas beyond the valley lies another
And beyond that a mountain range,
For life for me has never been a flat prairie.
Daniel Ryan

Sonic the hedgehog
The fastest video game
You will if you play video games you would see him
Rival of Mario
Not even a Mario could beat him
Because he is the fastest thing in video game history
Daniel Ryan

We all know the best comic company is marvel
You got black panther spider man too
Not even the dc can beat marvel
All sorts of movies made
Like iron man  
Naomi Carr

The sea foam crashes against my toes
On this cloudy morning in Melrose
The salty breeze plays with my golden blonde hair
But I don’t really notice or care
I pick up a shell as bright as the sun
Then I look up and start to run
Because the red sun was starting the rise
I hope my mom does not open her eyes
I start to run
Racing the sun on this cloudy day in Melrose
Ashley Teeters

Clear pretty bubbles,
Near the tops of trees.
Hear not even the slightest pop!
Shines in the sun

Shimmers in the light
Smells like cotton candy
When it pops!!!!
Jalen Klett

Origami Origami you are great
Origami Origami you are anything to me
Origami Origami I'll spare you for the next day

Tanyree Patin

I twirl, I blance, I do the glancing dance
I jump up and down and spin all around
I am a crazy lion that jumps up and down
I am a crazy dancer that spins all around.

Flying Shoe
Jack Wolf

Flying shoe you might
lose your flying shoe after they grew to flying
shoe flying shoe oh what do you do with a
flying shoe?
Lady Bugs
Samuel Reynoso Williams

Lady Bugs are so sweet
Lady Bugs have some feet
Lady Bugs like to eat
Do you like to eat?

Alex Cayarga

Loving, Funny
Cooking, Swimming, Joking
Kitchen, Gym, Bedroom, Home
Shopping, Caring, Helping
Crazy, Funny
Reed Solomon

Shadows are your evil twin from Mexico,
Or you stuck in a parallel universe.
Step by step,
They follow you.
Or shortening their gray selves.

As a rabbit hops through
A grassy valley,
It notices
Somebody stalking him
With a great deal of stealth.
For the rabbit had not
Noticed this man or creature before.

The grass shimmered in the moonlight,
Reflecting up to the rabbit’s nose.
And when he stands behind a tree,
The creature stuck in the ground disappears.

The rabbit stands in awe
For nothing could disappear that quick.
So the rabbit steps out
Back onto
The moon-tinted grass.
And there appears his friend.
The gray one,
Stuck in the ground.
Trapped for life
Appearing only
When light shines down.