special to Kid!
Interview with a bald
by Kemissa Osit

First question: how does it feel to be
Answer: ”it feels cold.”

Second question: When did you start
being bald?
Answer" “In my twenties.”

Third question: has anyone made fun
of you for being bald?
Answer: ”No, because I’m usually
bigger than anyone who would do

Fourth question: do you like being
Answer: ’’I accept it. “

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Kids Make
Nutritious Snacks
by Lucas Cavanaugh

One day, Julie made a blog
that kids should eat healthy
and try to make healthy
snacks themselves. A friend of
Julie asked what if the kids
don’t know how to make it.
‘‘I will put a recipe up so
parents can print it out,’’
answered Julie.
So Julie went on the computer
to her blog and posted a
recipe for granola bars. After
Julie put it up most of the
parents in the city printed it
out, Julie got 999,090
followers, and kids were
“I should try to get the whole
state to do this!” Julie said,
encouraging herself.
One of the kids in the city tried
to make granola bars and
“This is too hard. I will call my
friends to help.”
His friends came over and they
tried to make the granola bars
and it took a while, but
eventually they got it. Then
they tasted it and yelled…
Julie found out how good they’
re doing so she waited a while
to find out if more kids are
doing this. In the mean time
she wanted her kids to try to
make it.
“Perfect! Good idea mom,”
said Julie’s kids.

        The End