Hands, They hurt. They heal.
Hands. They kill. They comfort.
Hands. They hug. They choke.
Hands. The punch. They pet.
Hands. They are weapons. They are tools.

Hands. They build. They break.
Hands. They destroy. They create.
Hands. They push. They help people up.
Hands. They mend bones. They break bones
Hands. They are evil. They are kind.

Hands. You can choose how you use them.
Throw  Bullying Away            

Lockers cave in around me.      
I can barely see.
The world loses color.
I am hurting and I worry
“Will this bullying ever stop?”

This is my only thought.

Suddenly, I’m at the bottom of the sea
I’m drowning, I can’t breathe, I can’t see.

Then I think “Maybe that person had a bad day”
But almost instantly, I shove that thought away.

Even if they had a bad day, they have no right
To extinguish my light.
And Even if they feel that their life is very hard
They can’t make me feel like I got run over by a car.

So to you I say
hey, help everyone have a better day
And throw bullying away.
Alice Hunter