Top sneakers 2016
by Angel Gutierrez

  2016 was a really good year for
sneaker releases. A lot of original
colorways for Jordan's came out. In
2014 we saw a lot of non-original
colorways, and I didn’t like it
because they weren’t good
colorways. Original colorways are
almost always better than the new
colorways that Jordan brand
releases today. Too bad I didn’t
have enough money to buy these
shoes; a lot of these sneakers on
my top 10 list are above $190. This
top 10 consists of streetwear
sneakers. I determined these by
looks, comfort, price. My honorable
mentions are shoes that couldn't
make my top 10 but they are still
great shoes
   I have three honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions:
•Air Jordan Master 12’s
•Air Jordan Space Jam 11’s
•Air Jordan Flu Game 12’s

   The reason why Master 12’s
aren’t in my top 10 is because it is
too simple of a shoe. It’s mainly a
black shoe with gold on the lace
tips. The price is $220. If they had
more gold they would be in my top
10 because one of my favorite
colors is gold.
   Space Jams are an amazing
shoe. They are very classic. I have
a special place for them in my
heart. I love these shoes, but this
version of the Space Jam 11’s isn’t
as attractive as the previous
releases of the Space Jam. Instead
of blue, it’s a concord purple. I don’t
like the 2016 version as much as
the 2009 or  2000 version. Those
editions of the Space Jam 11’s are
very nice. This edition also has a
45 where the 23 is supposed to be.
The 45 is the number he wore
when Michael Jordan came back
from retirement. If I’m being honest,
I like how the 45 is stitched and not
graphic printed. Overall it’s a really
nice sneaker but the sneakers on
my top 10 are nicer.

   Flu Game 12’s are probably the
most iconic Air Jordan 12. To a lot
of people these are their favorite Air
Jordan 12, but in my opinion, they
aren’t that special. It’s a black and
red sneaker and there’s a lot of
black and red sneakers that look
better in my opinion. This is still an
attractive shoe but it doesn’t
compare to a lot of the shoes in my
top 10.
Top 10 sneakers that
released in 2016, in my

10. Adidas Ultra Boost 2.0  - “Triple
White” Colorway
9. Saucony Shadow 6000 - “Dirty
Snow” Colorway
8. Reebok Questions - Bape
7. Air Jordan 11 low - “Cherry”
6. Air Jordan 12 - “Wings” Colorway
5. Air Jordan 1 - “Bred” Colorway
4. Air Jordan 4 - “White Cement”
3. Air Jordan 1 - “Black Toe” Colorway
2. Adidas YeezyV2 350 boost - “Core
White” Colorway
1. Air Jordan 8 - “Champagne”

10 - Adidas Ultra Boost is probably
one of the most comfortable shoes
I've ever walked in. The boost
technology makes every step super
comfortable. Boost is made of
thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU),
which is a type of plastic that makes
the shoe 100x more comfortable.

9 - Saucony Shadow 6000 in the Dirty
Snow II colorway is probably my
favorite Saucony sneaker. I like them
a lot because the black/gray/off white
all complement each other so well. It’s
also a shoe you can wear with
anything. Also, Saucony uses great
leather and the quality of the suede is

8 - In my opinion, the Reebok
Question Bape collaboration is one of
the best colorways in the Question
line. The Bape camouflage all around
the shoe makes the shoe look really
good. The Reebok Questions is a
classic looking sneaker. Bape is a
commendable brand that makes really
nice clothes so when these two
brands came together the shoe came
out to be really nice.

7 - The Air Jordan low 11 isn't my
favorite model in the Air Jordan line
but the Cherry Colorway is a great
colorway on the 11 lows. It’s a white
and red shoe but the red really pops
because the patent leather is shiny.
Red is also my favorite color so that's
why this shoe is on my list.

6 - The Air Jordan 12 is one of my
favorite Jordan silhouettes. The Air
Jordan 12 in the “Wings” Colorway is
my favorite colorway for the Jordan
12. The shoe is mostly a black/white
and a little bit, but enough, gold. They’
re an eye-catching shoe when you’re
walking in the streets. Gold is my one
of my favorite colors. Also, they have
this crazy effect when you rub
acetone on it. It makes the black part
have gold wings.
Now we’re getting into
my top 5.

5 - These sneakers are up there
in my top 15 sneakers of all time.
The Air Jordan 1 in the “Bred”
colorway. This sneaker’s
backstory is really interesting
and crazy. If you don’t know the
story, the shoe is black and red.
Red goes really well with black.
So if you get them dirty you won't
really notice

4 - I really like white shoes. The
Air Jordan “White Cement” 4 is
just a really attractive shoe in
general. The gray and black
speckles on the midsole look
really nice. It also matches with a
lot of outfits.

3 - We’re getting into my top 3
sneakers that released in 2016.
This sneaker is favorite Air
Jordan 1 colorway. The Air
Jordan 1 “Black Toe” includes
my favorite colors: red, black and
white. It’s perfect because you
can wear it with anything. It’s not
too much red or black and it has
enough red. In my opinion, if this
shoe never got dirty, I would
wear them every day.

2- The Yeezy 350 Boost is a
good looking silhouette, a lot of
people like it. A lot of people like
Yeezys who aren’t even into
sneakers. When the Yeezy V2
350 Boost came out. I thought
they looked amazing. All of the
colorways for the Yeezy V2, in
my opinion, were nice but the
“Core White” colorway beats
them all. The boost technology
makes the shoe really
comfortable. It’s a sneaker I
could wear almost anywhere.

1- This shoe is one of my
favorite Air Jordans of all time.
This sneaker is my favorite that
released in 2016. It will always
hold a special place in my all
time favorites. The Air Jordan 8
in the “Champagne” colorway is
my number one by a mile. The
colors is a “milky” off white with
gold. In my opinion that color
combination looks killer on the
Jordan 8. There is no shoe that
tops it, that released in 2016.
                      … in my opinion.