Words swim around me,
Forming a world of fantasy.
I read each sentence twice,
Trying to make sense of it all.

As the plot intensifies, sweat starts to run.
I get nervous, thinking, “what will happen?”
Then, it cools like the breeze on a summer day, and I relax.

Finally, I read the last sentence and fall back into reality.
The imaginary world of wonder is closed,
And a different one surrounds me.
A cold, miserable stone.
A horrid place compared to my world of fantasy.
A New Beginning
Make This Stop

Think about them.
How they feel each time you knock them down,
Each time you hurt them.
But like a lion they are strong enough to stop you.
Although you use everything they say and do against them,
They have the power to stand up to you.
So make it stop.
Because you need to think about them.
Think about how you would feel in their shoes.
If you were afraid to do anything.
So do the right thing.

I know they hurt.
Each word is a wrecking ball.
They strike you down.
They punch,
They push.
But you can stop them.
Stand up to bullies.
Together you are an army.
Together you can make this stop
Anya Miller
Anya Miller
Anya Miller