A cartoonist's life is not
that easy.

not even close to being
easy peasy lemon

A cartoonist’s life has to
be filled with imagination.

so the cartoonist can
make the cartoon and
make it sweep the nation.

I like being a cartoonist
though even when it’s
hard these days.

I don’t want my dream to
smell like toxic waste.
I thank some people who
inspired me from my past

From the first person to

Peri, Marshy, Blobby,
Starry, The Swatter,
Computer Cold, all of
those characters I drew
over the years.

When I achieved my
dream, my joy will go up
with tears.

A cartoonist’s life I’ll
always know and love.

I will make sure I will
never let go of it.

Especially my cartoons I
made too.

Once again, I will
ALWAYS  remember a
cartoonist’s life

MY cartoonist life.
Eric Sousa