Eric Sousa

When you don’t achieve your dreams, life is nothing and filled with despair
And you can’t come back to get it to repair.
Darkness is the word when you don’t fill in your dream
The perfect time for monsters to pop up and for humans to scream.
When you don’t achieve your dream, darkness will flow.
Don’t give up in yourself and always go.
You can’t run or hide.
The monster will find you like a cheetah.
After a minute you think:
Did he eat me?
Did he eat me?
When he eats you, you feel ashamed that you failed your dream.
Always slay the monster behind the bed and achieve your dream.
Do not make your life “turn into a barren field”.
Do not make your life turn into a horrible one that can never be healed.
Save the light.
More importantly, MAKE the light.
Eric Sousa