An Ode to Hershey’s Chocolate
Sakshi Hastir

Hershey’s Chocolate you melt in my mouth
You taste like a lot of sugar
So sweet and sugary
There is never a day I don’t think about you
I will never forget you
Nor will I ever stop eating you
You are too good for that
Oh sweet Hershey’s Chocolate
You melt in my hand and on my forehead
I don’t even know how it gets there
But it doesn’t matter
Because I will eat every last bit of you
Until there is nothing left
Except the smudge on my forehead
And I’ll never know how it got there
I don’t want to share you with my brother
But he will never stop annoying me
Until I give him a piece
Of your sweet, delicious, chocolate
You would taste good with a lot of things
Well, not vegetables
I think that would taste pretty bad
But you would taste good with a lot of other things though,
Like fruit and other types of candy
Milk and ice cream too
But no type of food can be as great,
As you, Hershey’s Chocolate
The best chocolate in the world
Sakshi Hastir