New Year Birthday
by Aida Loja Simbaina

It was December 31st, 2016.

My sister's name is Isabel if you were wondering
and she turned 5 years old. My dad and mom were
calling all their family so they can come to my
sister's birthday. My mom and dad thought that
everyone should bring food so it wouldn’t be so
much work for one person. Everyone was asked
to bring different types of food or drinks, like one
person can be anchored on buying the cake and
the other can bring champagne.

The party was to be a surprise for my sister so my
mom asked me to make up a story so she doesn’t
know what was going to happen that day. Then
my dad and my brother Javier went to decorate
the nutrition club were my parents work. My mom,
sister and I stayed home to make food. I helped my
mom to cook and my sister was playing in my
room. My mom and I were making empanadas.
Empanadas are a type of bread with cheese inside
the bread and it is very hard to make them. We
made about 50 or more because a lot of my family
would come. What my mom and I used to make
empanadas was flour,oil, eggs, hot water and
cheese. I had to open the cheese and break it
down to little pieces and it was very hard work. It
took us 5 hours to do it and it took 3 hours to cook
them on the pan. My mom and I got very tired and
we were sweating a lot.

When we finished, my mom went to her room to
rest a little. Iwent to my room to change my
clothes and then I started changing my sister’s
clothes. I needed to dress her very pretty because
it was her birthday and it was a special day for
her. I had her put on this dress that was light
green and pink with flowers. She was very happy
how I dressed her and then I did a beautiful braid
for her that took me 30 minutes. When I finished
doing my sister’s braid that she really wanted me
to do, I started to do my hair, but I didn’t do a braid
because I don’t like braids. I went with my hair
down and wore a dress. Then I went to my
parents’ room to wake up my mom to dress up so
we can go to the party. She woke up and she
started to dress up. She looked so pretty and I
looked at myself and I said in my mind, wow. I was
so surprised.

When we were all ready to go my mom called my
dad saying“come pick us up because we are all
ready and the food is done”and my dad said “ok, I
am coming”. My dad came and he brought the
food to the car. Then my dad drove to his work
and we got there but my sister really was not
knowing what was going on. There my siblings
and parents were waiting for my uncles and aunts
to come and minutes were passing by and nobody
came and then when I was going to the bathroom
and when I opened the bathroom door to get out
suddenly my aunt and uncles came and they were
with presents and food. Well, the presents were
for my sister. Then I ran really fast to hug my
aunts and uncles and I was so happy that my
whole family had come.

At 9:00pm it was time to eat and everyone had to
do a line because there was a lot of food. When
everyone got their food my dad told me to put on a
movie for everyone to watch while eating, so I did.
I put on a Christian movie. My dad turned off the
light and it was now very dark. When the movie
finished we started to put away the food so we
can do the 12 grapes and drink the champagne.
When we were doing that it was 11:50. Everyone
had to eat each grape but first they have to make
12 wishes and we needed to give 12 people hugs.
When that was over my dad brought the cake
from the refrigerator and he put it on the table. It
was 11:58. My dad called everyone to gather
around so we can sing Happy Birthday. Then I
went to get my little sister to close her eyes so she
can’t see. Then it was 12:00. I rushed to look for
her and then I found her and I put her on a chair so
she can sit and then I opened her eyes. She was
so happy because it was a princess cake that said
her name and that had a candle that said number
5 because she was turning 5 years old. We sang
to her and then she had to blow the candle. Then
she needed to take a bite of the cake. While she
was taking a bite of the cake so she can be the
first to try the cake. I put her face on the cake and
when she looked at us she looked so funny and
everyone was laughing and she was too. Then
everyone wanted to take a picture with my sister
and they did.

At 12:29 it was time to break the Pinata, so my
brother gave all the kids a bag to collect candy
and also got me one so I can get candy. My dad
got a chair and he climbed on it and he was
standing on top of the chair so to be high up and
everyone had to get one piece of the string and
when my dad counted to 3 we had to pull the
strings. I got a lot of candy; I got more than 30
candies. I was so happy but my sister was sad
because she got only a little of candy so I went up
to her and I gave her half of my candy and she
was so happy that she hugged me and she told
me that she really loves me so much. Then
everyone at last gave her gifts that they bought for
her. She got a Frozen book,color pencils,a
coloring book of Frozen, stickers, Shopkins and
she also got a jacket. The one that she most liked
of her presents was SHOPKINS. She was sooooo
happy. Finally it was 2:30am and everyone was so
sleepy. Everyone helped clean up so the club
could be clean. When we finished cleaning some
of my family went to my house to sleep and some
went to their own houses to sleep. When we got
home we were very tired and everyone fell asleep
and slept until the next morning at 11:30. We all
slept well knowing that we had celebrated such a
wonderful birthday.