Poetry by Nitish Kaushal

Light is friend of mine it helps me see but one day it will
die out I will be alone in the darkness.
The light comes back mysteriously and gobbles up the
dark I stay happy the light stays happy everybody feels


Water is calm water is nice water is deadly but nobody
knows how we got this beautiful gift, people waste it too
and never help the poor with no water.


I sit alone in the dark Not knowing what to do I sit and
wait for it all to end The darkness has covered me and I
don’t know what to do.

Life of me

God is the creator of me That was my time to come to
earth he let me on this planet I am very thankful for that
and he let us have birth for a reason and that reason is to
meditate and love him for eternity.
Mysteries of earth

The mysteries of earth is never known no one ever knew
how Stonehenge was built nobody knows how the
Bermuda triangle was formed. No one even knows if god
exists but all these mysteries are all to god.

Things made up

Math is made up reading is made up people just made up
math maybe 1+1=3 or 3x2=7 all these things are made up
by different people. Reading is made up like maybe the
spelling of make is like this (mak). All of these things are
made up.


I am your friend you are my friend we are both friends we
are like brothers and brothers stick together and if we are
together we will be unstoppable and nothing will come
between us.

Something is happening in my body like a fire blow of
anger, hate and all the bad stuff. I feel angry my body is
getting fired and it is getting hot.


We don’t know what things are and we try to figure it out
Like who is god it’s like the answer is right in front of us