A normal day at the mountain
Liam Vitti

I put on my balaclava,
Next, I snap into my bindings.
Tighten up my helmet,
Duckwalk to the lift.

Sitting down slowly,
3,2,1 the chair sweeps me away.
Watching other skiers making little S’s.
When I get up top,
I will do the same.

I wait for my fellow shredders,
One of them must strap in.
After a long twenty seconds,
We get onto the trail.

I am making those little S’s just as I said I would.
Edges flexing down,
I am getting better
By the minute.

The powder feels like butter,
My skis turning under me.
I control the mountain,
No one controls me.

Someone cuts in front of me,
I must do a major stop.
It happens all the time I guess,
Just like turning and falling.

I ride down the mountain in pleasure glee.
I repeat that over and over,
Until I am too tired to continue on.
I hop in the car,
Waiting for the hot cocoa that will greet me back home.
Liam Vitti