by Maille McMahon

“Hey Maggie you should see
this!” I yelled. In summer 2010
I was camping in Glen Ellis, NH
when I found a secret path. It
is hidden behind our campsite.
Maggie’s twelve so she’s very
brave. We had never seen the
path before. It had tons of
trees and twigs. Dirt and sand
were mixed into the ground. It
was a long path and I was
scared but excited at the same
time. I love that kind of feeling.
“What if we get into trouble?  I
have a bad feeling about this.”
I worried. “It’s perfectly safe,”
she would say over and over
again. It was like the Forbidden
Forest from Harry Potter. With
two ways left or right which
sort of reminded me of a
hedge maze – we choose left.
The right looked like a dead
end. There was a huge branch
blocking the path. Maggie
hopped over and I crawled
We started seeing fields with
tall grass and meadows,
flowers and leaves. “Cool!’ I
gasped. There was a huge tree
with big branches. The leaves
were an emerald green that  
hung over the stream.

The tree reminded me of the
Whomping Willow (also from
Harry Potter). There were
roots that sunk into the water
and a beach chair in between
them. Maggie took off her
shoes and climbed down on a
branch and stuck her feet in
the water. I was scared to
climb down my feet were
shaking but I managed to sit
on the beach chair and dipped
my toes in the water (I barely
I splashed the water at Maggie’
s legs. “Hey, what was that
for?” she yelled. Then she
splashed me back. We both
laughed and chatted. Then we
saw some tubes. “Hide!” I
yelled. I hid behind the tree
and Maggie hid behind a bush.
Two people were tubing in
yellow tubes down the river.  
We didn’t want them to see us.
It was our new hideout.  
The two people were out of
sight. “Whew,” we both
sighed. “Raspberries,” Maggie
said. They were sweet when
we popped them into our
mouths. Definitely in season.  
“Mmmmm.” These are tasty.  
We ate some raspberries and
soon we had to get going.  
Time to find out the way back
to our camp site.