Words can hurt, make me feel sad
When  really i didn't even do anything that’s bad
They bully because they think it’s cool
But really they're just being fools,
When people make fun of me it makes me feel sad,
It Puts me and my heart up to the sky like a rising parachute,
In my lonely room i start crying so hard that it started a pool,
Why can no one hear my scream and my sadness,
Why can’t no one do something is it because they're scared too to stand up for themselves,
We're all created equally as human beings no matter what you think,
So if you hear this do something stop those bullies it’s like a bad disease that can’t be stopped,
But us together we can fight to stop it and make this world a great kind environment everywhere you go
Thank you and those bullies out there imagine how it feels to get bullied have a little empathy because when you get bullied
one time you’ll regret it.
Ashraf Hadmen
Ashraf Hadmen