The Last Soldier
by Dalila

I can’t believe we lost that war,
What war?
The war of 1876                         
Never heard of it.
That’s because it’s forbidden by all British.
I cannot tell you, but John can.
John who?
John Kilworth.
Who is that?
The last soldier.

Who said my name?
Gasp John! Swoosh.
Y… y… you're John!
Yeah, Who’s asking?
What did that guy mean by
The last soldier?

I was in the war of 1876,
I could feel my troops' pain,
Hunger, thirst, wounded.
Well my troop rested and recovered,
I trained,
I grew stronger, faster, alert,
And smarter.
One day I grew wistful.
My best friend Robert Krook got malaria,
No treatment, no health, no hope.
I hold back the tears that fight to get out,
Because Robert always told me,
Boys may cry,
Men never.
My sorrow distracted me from something important,
Something dangerous,
A war

Guns shot,
Smoke from the gunpowder,
Bodies fell,
My heart stopped.
I ran outside of the tent,
My men
All of them,
I was the last soldier

I grabbed my gun,
Loaded it,
I’m now ready to fight as
The last soldier.  

They finally spotted me,
Attack! They all yelled.
I froze,
In my mind I was running,
Running so far,
But I was just standing there,
As if I was just stabbed.
They got closer and closer,
They knew the gun didn’t have far enough range.
So they came closer and closer,
I pulled my gun into position…
I fired my gun.
I looked at my finger on the trigger,
What did I just do?
I stared in shock.
A lead ball just barely missed my head.
I closed my eyes,
Got the gun ready,
My finger on the trigger,
I shot,
Once, twice, then a third time,
I opened my eyes,
Three more men down.
I looked at the gun,
I looked at the British,
I shot,

Again and again,
The gun would not shoot,
I was out of gunpowder.
I looked at the British,
They looked at me with an evil grin,
I froze again,
It was now one hundred ninety four men,
Against one.
I was the last soldier.

I ran in the tent,
It was gunpowder heaven.
I grabbed some,
Put it in the gun,
Put the rest in my pockets,
I went out of the tent,
Closed my eyes,
I shot,
Over and over again,
Ear bleeding noise ringing in my head,
Echoing in my mind.
When I ran out of gunpowder,
I reloaded quickly.
I shot and reloaded until…
I heard no more bodies falling to the ground.
I opened my eyes,
200 bodies,
On the ground, wounded, lifeless.
I won the fight
All by myself
I was the last soldier.

I traveled home,
People cheering and clapping,
But I didn’t know why,
I felt guilty,
I felt like I was a murderer,
I killed 200 men,
I not we...I
I was the last soldier.

That was amazing!
Did that really happen?!? did… but sadly I died in 1950
That I was the last soldier.   
by Dalila