Hide and Seek!
by Libby Churchill

My side of the story (January 30, 2017)

After we found Maya, I had a great idea. I decided that I should hide in one of the lockers. I
had actually thought of this idea when we were looking in the hallway, before it took us
forever to find Maya. And when I get a good idea, my heart really gets set on it.

Since I had my heart set on this hiding place, I threatened Maya and May with sticky fingers
just to get them to play it with me so I could hide there. Finally they gave in, so I was happy.
However, it was my turn to count, so I had to do that first. That was the round that took us
forever to find Maya. After we did, I persisted to play a second round, again just so I could
hide in that locker. Finally, I got May to count. I was so excited! But, before she started
counting, Alan said that we weren’t allowed to leave the room. I had been planning to leave
the room by going through that hallway in the library instead of going out the main doors,
just to make it less obvious. Again, I had my heart set on hiding there, so I decided that I
wouldn’t listen to Alan. To make people think that I was going to hide in that hallway that is in
the library, I asked Alan if we were allowed to do that, and he said we were.

When May started counting, I went into the hallway that is in the hallway. Before going out
the door that would lead me into the school hallway, I paused for just a second to think. Is
this really a good idea? What if Alan really gets mad? I hate when nice people get mad! But, I
had to make a spur of the moment decision, so I decided to just go with it. Since I didn’t have
much time left, and I didn’t want Alan to see me, I sprinted as fast as possible to my old
locker, since my current locker is a top locker, and it would be hard to hide in there, but my
old locker is a bottom locker. So, as fast as possible, I opened that locker and tried to stuff
myself inside. To my dismay, I didn’t fit. I haven’t tried this since 3rd grade, and I fit then! So,
instead, I closed the door partially, hoping that if someone saw me through the door, they
would think that a locker was open just by accident. So, I hid there, feeling slightly nervous
and guilty.

A few minutes later, I was wondering if I should really keep going with this. I peeked out
from behind the locker door, to see if the coast was clear to run back into the hallway that is
attached to the library, but instead I saw Alan, Maya, and May all standing next to the door.
“Oh shoot!” I thought, and ducked behind the door. “They probably saw me!” I waited for
people to come out and get me, but no one came. Huh, maybe they really didn’t see me.

A few minutes later, the three of them came outside. Maya and May said they were going to
check the bathroom, and then I heard Alan.

“Okay, you can check, but you’d better not find her out there!
I’m really going to get

Oh shoot, oh shoot, oh shoot! He really was serious! I wished I had just stayed in the library.
Now I was scared. I hate when nice people get angry at me, or even at other people! It just
scares me. Well, there wasn’t really anything I could do now. Unless… I peeked out from
behind the locker door again. Alan wasn’t in sight, and May and Maya were in the bathroom
looking for me. So, I climbed out of the locker, and at full speed, for the second time, I
sprinted down the hallway. As I was sprinting past the bathroom, I saw May and Maya peak
out behind the door. Oh shoot! Now I’m really in trouble! But they won’t rat me out, will they?

I made eye contact with them, and put my finger to my lips to motion the quiet sign, hoping
that they would understand and not rat me out. I was really nervous, but I still had some
hope.  As I was going into the hallway that is attached to the library, I heard Maya and May
scream that they thought they saw me running. Oh no! Did they really not see me give them
the quiet sign? I really hoped they wouldn’t rat me out.

Now I was in the library hallway, and Maya and May came in after me from the outside door,
and Alan came in from the library door. After this, May and Maya ratted me out. I was
frustrated at them, and I tried to lie and say that I was hiding in the hallway the entire time.
Alan told me to just go and write, and he sounded mad. I was nervous. After some
convincing, Alan claimed that he believed me, but I didn’t believe him. Finally, I got the truth
out of him. Or part of it, at least. He had seen me run into the hallway and climb into the
locker. Because of this, I tried to change the story and say that I had run into the locker at
first, but then I had reconsidered and gone into the library hallway. Again, he claimed that he
believed me, but I still didn’t really believe him all that much.

After that, I was still convinced that Alan didn’t believe me, and that he is frustrated with me.
I acted like I was mad at him for not believing me, but I wasn’t really all that mad. When it
was time to leave, I walked out to take the elevator down to the lobby. I was planning to turn
back into my silly self when Alan, Maya, and May came down. But, when Alan came down,
he told me the whole truth: that he had told Maya and May to act like he was going to be mad
at me. I knew he was just trying to be funny, but now I was really mad, and I was not playing
around anymore. I had actually gotten nervous about getting in trouble, and I had actually
tried my very best to cover up my actions. I was mad that that was all for nothing, that this
was all a joke. So, I went into my car and drove away, now actually frustrated. I don’t like to
leave on a bad note, but I had no choice.