The Kitty Cat Song
Leah Doherty

Shake your tail and wiggle your ears!
Destroy the couch and steal the garden shears!
Play with yarn then take a long snooze!
'Cause when it’s time to stop, I’m gonna take shoes!

I like to make mischief, it’s what I do
That’s why I’m stuck to the table with glue!
I’m going to break all the plates and cups,
And when momma finds out I’m going to
     Shrug, shrug, shrug!

Then I’m going to mess up the pillows,
Then eat all the willows!
Climb up to the bird nest and
Knock it down!
Watch it go,
     Down, down down!

I’m a bad kitty, I know it’s true!
But when it’s night,
I like to give my mom a big fright
Attacking her with the pillow I broke!
And throwing dirty leaves!
Momma stares at me in disbelief.
This is the story of how I lost my dinner
It sure is a true winner!
Leah Doherty