The story of the world
Robert Leoni

Feelings are always mixed,
There is no way to get them straight,
Many try, of course,
With mixed results,

My message to you,
The reader,
Is based on solid fact,
Do not try to do it
You never want to know everything
Sometimes you peep under the veil,
But never lift it fully,
For seeing everything,
Is much worse
Then seeing nothing.

There is one exception
The sky.
It is not random,
As many think,
Even the astronomers,
With all their wisdom,
Are misguided.

You see,
The sky is the peephole in the veil
The way to take in the full story
Without lifting the veil

The stars are the infinite tiny, flickering words
Each is small at sight,
But huge in power

The constellations are the chapters
Showing each piece of the puzzle,
Pieced together one by one,
Until they are whole.

Each star system is a brick,
That comes together,
And constructs the biggest,
And best story.

The story of our world.
Robert Leoni